What is Love

You get your computer, your phone, your iPad or your kindle and you “open” it up to Facebook. You see a lot of these words: hate, lie, swindle, crook, kill, murder, hurt, bad, awful, terrible, death, die…..you get the picture…right?
I have used some of those words before. They are words invented by humans to describe emotions or actions of a negative nature. I’m guessing they are used twice as often as words describing things of a positive nature. Really though, I just want to talk about one word.
What does it mean to you?
I know it means different things to us at different times in our life. There are several different “types” of love so they say.
The kind I’m talking about is the kind of love which brings tears to your eyes by just thinking about it. It’s the kind that you think about when you imagine you are living your last day here on earth. That kind of love.
Regardless of what your beliefs are, or what your religion is, or if you do or don’t have one. At least try for that kind of love. At least think about whether or not you have it, or can get it.
Or…if you don’t have it or don’t want it….please see a psychiatrist quickly.
But seriously, I think of it every day. I think of my family…especially the little ones, and the future this world may hold for them. I want more than anything in the world to be around to protect them, advise them and help them. But, I won’t always be…
So, I figure the best thing I can do for them while I’m here is to love them. To be with them. To pick them up when they fall. To try and teach them respect.
Thank goodness I’ve got my wife to help though! I need it. She knows about the kind of love I’m talking about.
Then, no matter where the final road leads I believe I’ll be able to go down it in peace.

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