Worlds Without End

One day last week I spent some time looking at things under high magnification. Leaves, some grass, a lady beetle. Lord knows there are plenty of them around here!

I found that what appears ordinary and mundane when viewed with the naked eye is extraordinary under magnification.

You can see the cell structure in the leafs, and it’s so beautifully symmetrical. It’s geometric and almost appears as if it was drawn. As if someone put some thought into how it should look.

Later in the evening I went to take my dogs outside for their sabbatical, and the stars were coming out and looked gorgeous. There were hundreds of them to be seen by the naked eye. Twinkling in shades of blue, red and yellow.

What is obscured by the light of day is beautified by the quiet calm of night.

I truly wondered again if the nature of existence stretches to infinity in both directions? We think we know so much when we actually know very little.

Our society tends to shine a spotlight on all bad things, when we should be magnifying the good, and bringing love out of the darkness and into plain sight.

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