I think that a lot of people have things that they are mad about and sad about. Some have things they are glad about and happy about. I’m not sure. As for me….tonight I am tired. Pretty tired. I know a lot of other people are also tired.

I can think of things that I am happy about, as I mentioned in my second sentence. I’m happy my wife and I have been able to make a life together, a pretty long one at that. I’m very glad about that. We have had three children who have grown up to be good adults, and we’ve been delighted to have nine grandchildren. A lot of joy in having close family. Quite a lot. I can hope that our legacy lives on long past our time here, just as our ancestors from England, and Ireland, Scotland and Germany, live on in us. At some point in the future, something I have genetically inserted in my make up may come in handy for one of my descendants. I sure hope so.

So, I will meditate a bit tonight.  I’ll probably watch an inane show on Netflix like “To the Continent”  That one usually puts me to sleep.  It used to be the “Great British Baking Show”, but I’ve run out of episodes on that one.

Could be that I’m just a little downtrodden mentally.  Could be old age “catching up” to me.  It’s hard to tell.  Could be that I’m like Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein’s generic “old Joe” as he sings “Old Man River” in the Broadway Show “Showboat”

“I get’s weary, and sick of trying…. I’m tired of living, but scared of dying, but that Ol’ Man River, he just keeps rolling along”

And the river will keep rolling on, long after I’m gone.  In peace.

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