Our Time Here is Borrowed

What we have here is only borrowed. We think we own land, houses, cars and other possessions, but we do not. We often care for our possessions more than we care for the people around us. People who have more money than they can ever spend themselves horde it instead of giving just a little of it to make more people comfortable.

We own nothing. Everything we think we own is simply borrowed for the short time we are here on earth. Our bodies are our own, but even those will be turned back into dust once we’re finished with them. Depending on your belief system we go from there to a known….or greatly unknown existence, or a lack of one.

We should act as borrowers then, and in my own personal system of belief, be grateful to the one to whom we are really indebted. Even if one does not believe in a supreme being, they should still exhibit enough humanity to share their good luck.

Our debt will be up for payment one day, and the only…the one and only thing which will matter, is how we have treated our fellow debtors. No matter how you believe.

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