We are Afraid.

We are way too afraid of things of which we are being told are dangerous, such as caravans of migrants who want to apply for citizenship, or to work in our country. The President is directly responsible for stoking those fears. We had better be more afraid of a nuclear arms race, as the number one danger of bring on an apocalypse is nuclear war, and for good reason. Despots have these weapons and are itching to use them.

Writing for Sanity's Sake

We are Afraid

….of things which are happening half way around the world. And I know that we have to be cautious. But, if we live our lives afraid of forces who do heinous things, and dramatically and cinematically record them just to make us afraid, then we have given over the victory to them.

Some members of humanity who are or were madmen have always done things such as this, but have never before had the ability to project them to the entire world on a practically uncontrolled and unregulated new technology. Two beheadings of innocent men is an inhuman act but, I can’t imagine the kind of fear that Vlad the Impaler would have caused if he had been capable of putting his deeds on the Internet.

We didn’t have the internet between 1958 and 1962 when over 45 million Chinese people starved to death…so very few people…

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