The direction the spirit may go

There is a spirit within us all, there’s no doubt in my mind. Everyone of us is a singular, living, breathing, contained Universe. So many factors dictate the direction our Earthly philosophy and the path we will take. It’s not worth it to take the time to name them, everyone pretty much knows what they are.

Many of the souls of humans become bogged down in the excesses which affect the bodies we are given. Drugs ruin bodies, which suppress the spirit. Ignorance and obstinacy steer the mind down roads which are narrow and populated with thorny bushes on either side. Once one gets on those paths it’s hard to get off.

The mind numbing indoctrination of intolerance and judgement which is so gently and sweetly injected into the minds of many by some religions at early ages taints the spirit and is extremely difficult to break free from.

I am no philosopher or authority with any great wisdom to impart. I only think that the spirit given to each of us is our own. We can make of it what we wish, free from the influence of others. We can believe whatever we want, and be what we were born to be by our own decision. It’s terribly difficult, however. It’s often a lonely journey, with very little support or encouragement. Just remember there are others out there like you who believe we are each our own entity, with the ability to decide on our own what is right or wrong for us, as long as we keep our moral compass pointed in the direction of that Greatest philosophy, which is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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