Giving Thanks

When we do not learn our lessons of love and kindness for others, life will keep banging us in the face with chances and opportunities TO learn. My face is very bruised but I think I am learning. To the little girls I gave handmade necklaces that my wife had made this weekend because they loved them but had no money. To the man who I bought “Church” hamburgers and cokes because he couldn’t afford them, to the lady that I bought worthless trinkets from, because she had not sold very much and she needed the money. To the folks who nearly ran me off the road, and I didn’t give them the “ugly” sign, but said a prayer for them, to the guy who nearly rammed his SUV up my rear end and I just smiled and said “thanks God” I didn’t go to Church yesterday, but I thanked God for 15 minutes in praise for his gorgeous sunrise and the fact that he was letting me live another day to see it, and for all the blessings he has given me. I don’t consider myself a great man…or even a good man, and my face is still bruised and battered from being hit with the opportunities to show love that I did not take, but….even though I am a slow learner I believe I AM learning and I give thanks for waking up today and trying to learn some more today. It’s not always the great BIG and glorious things you do that mean the most, sometimes it’s the tiny things. And if I have not taken opportunities to show that to any of my friends or family, PLEASE forgive me. I am trying…I am trying harder than ever…

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