Remembering Mom

Tommorow is the eleventh anniversary of my Mom’s death. It was sort of “in the middle” of a year which vastly changed my life.

Remembering back over all the Christmases which I had with Mom and Dad, I always remember the times our family had on Christmas Eve over at “Tarp and Evie’s house” Great times of laughter and joy. Wondering who would get the “girly” underwear for the year. Dad’s unique laugh, and Mom’s tasty goodies. Gosh, I miss them.

Guess it’s a forgone conclusion to say in the most humble of warnings to all my friend and loved ones out there, enjoy your family, friends and loved ones while they are here.

This life is a one time on way trip and our ticket has already been punched and we are well on our way. No telling what stop we’ll get off of, and then the train moves on down the track without us. Just make sure and make wonderful memories.

I have a lot of those of Mom and Dad and even though they are getting a little fuzzy after over a decade, they are still enough for me to realize that they were here, they loved their family, and they were decent human beings.