I am unconvinced that human nature can ever be changed.
All through the written records of humanity’s actions, the history of war, wars, killing and man’s cruelty to each other is heavily peppered in the pages. Heavily peppered, almost to the point of being unconsumable when one tries to read through those records. Our history, so to speak. World history.
And the fact is that the records we have of our history are probably mild compared to the reality which is NOT written. They say that the winners are the ones who write history, so if that’s so then things must have been very much worse than what we get to read. I think if a person wants to, and digs deep enough that they can come up with books that delve into true history in some cases.
Being unconvinced that human nature can change, then I am certain that we cannot see a future where mankind can live in peace with each other. It’s a sad conclusion to come to, but inevitable when you think about it.

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