The Covid Problem

When I had surgery back on July 29th at one of the hospitals at Rome, Georgia…I was concerned about the new variant of Covid which had already been circulating in the U.S. for a few weeks, so I asked the nurse who admitted me if there was anyone in the hospital at that point with Covid.

They told me there was no one in the hospital at that time with Covid. I had to pass the ER to get to the outpatient surgical area at that hospital that morning and there was barely anyone there.

Now, just a little over a month later on August 31st, both the hospital I was in and the other large hospital in Rome are at, or past capacity with Covid patients. Schools in the area started back the next week after I had surgery. Did that have anything to do with the rapid increase in cases? Most schools in this area started back without any mitigations against spreading the disease. Many are now having to go to virtual and part-time attendance plans after only a few weeks. Just today I read where a student died from Covid at a High School in Rome. I read that a Middle School coach died in Dalton….although it seems he was sick even before school started.

It’s incredible what a difference a few weeks can make with this current Delta variant. It’s incredible that this came from one person …one person…in India sometime near the end of 2020 and has subsequently spread throughout the entire world. It has wreaked havoc on the idea that I and many other people had back at the beginning of 2021, that the vaccinations we were taking would virtually put an end to Covid in this country. The vaccines were formulated to specifically combat the original Alpha variant of the Covid virus. Once the virus mutated to a faster version, which was significantly different in form from the Alpha variant, then the effectiveness of the vaccine was reduced. It wasn’t totally rendered useless against the Delta variant, but has proven to be much less effective. People who took the vaccine have had much milder cases of Covid, up until this point. A third shot has been recommended, and I believe is warranted. The vaccines are not perfect and will not keep everyone from getting sick. I do believe they are safe and they are as effective in fighting Covid as anything we have at our disposal at this time.

At this point, I don’t believe as I did back in March and April of this year, that we will be able to go back to living any kind of “normal” pre-pandemic life anytime soon. I believe that the SARS-COV-2 virus is here to stay in human beings. I have no idea what it’s “end game” will be, and neither does anybody else at this point, including scientist and medical experts. The best they can do right now is to guess where it’s going, based on where it’s been and where it’s at now. As the facts and figures change regarding Covid, then the scientific and medical community will probably change some of it’s views and recommendations. That’s the was science works.

It’s my personal belief that the best way to combat this virus is to continue to take the safe and effective Covid vaccines and to reduce the chances of exposure by using the highly safe N-95 masks. I don’t believe we are being “misled” by the government about the effectiveness of these methods of fighting this disease. Other people have other opinions, but I don’t believe those opinions are based in facts.

The above named things are what I intend to do, but I can’t force anybody else to do them. I just hope that people will realize that these things are probably our best course for right now and go ahead and do the right thing.

I hope that science and medicine can come up with new advances and that one day we can say that the worst of this pandemic is over. For now, it’s not. I’m afraid it’s just going to get worse for the foreseeable future. We can fight it though, if we will just do the right thing.

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