Exclusive or Inclusive

I’ve been thinking about life and I’ve decided all things in our human culture can be defined by the two words above. Exclusive or Inclusive. Maybe really….all inclusive.

Think of humanity as one great big club. The club of humans. Now consider that the great big club is subdivided into a whole plethora of smaller clubs. All of those clubs will fall into one of the two categories I’ve listed above.

A person can belong to any number of subdivided clubs. Some are in many. Many are in some. There’s a lot of overlap. A lot of people belong to some of the same clubs, but not everyone belongs to them all. You play professionally baseball….exclusive club. Certainly not all inclusive. Your a Catholic ? Exclusive club….not as much as professional baseball by any means, but still beholden to a particular set of rules. Not everyone can be a Catholic, not everyone can be on the San Francisco Giants.

Don’t think things work that way? Take any “club” you belong to and try to think of it outside those two categories. Where do you end up?

Is America exclusive or inclusive. Russia? China? What makes them the way they are? What makes any “club” the way they are? Are there any clubs besides the club of humanity that’s All Inclusive?

I hope that in the future, humanity can work more and more towards inclusiveness towards all. Not matter what our beliefs. We cannot, of course allow lawlessness or violent actions of one person against another, or one group of people against another, but if we love and become more inclusive, I believe most lawlessness and violence would stop. Most.

Somebody once said: “It’s one big old club, and you ain’t in it”. When you find yourself excluded for reasons you cannot control, it’s not a good feeling. There are not good outcomes when people feel that way. Let’s open our hearts and learn to include. Let’s add and multiply, instead of subtracting and dividing.

After all, who wants to spend eternity someplace with someone who wasn’t “in your club here?”

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