Our Self Reliance

I have been following a YouTube channel of a guy in Canada named Shawn James for over a year and half or so. His channel is call “My Self Reliance” This guy has bought some land in the back lands of Ontario, bordering the Queensland’s, and has built his own cabin and other buildings in an effort to become more off grid and self sufficient. One of his things he was going to do this year was to become more food sufficient. In his video last night, he was talking about a few things which I have also been thinking about lately.

First of all is the fact that there will soon be shortages of food, especially fresh vegetables and fruits. The growing season is just now starting and farmers who usually plant vegetables are not going to do so. This is because they will not be able to get the seasonal workers (mostly from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.) because of the current pandemic situation. Most of these farmers will instead plant “cash crops” such as wheat, barley, feed corn, etc., which can be planted and harvested via automatic machinery. Additionally in the United States, prior existing fruit farms will not be able to get the seasonal help they need, so fruit will either rot or very little will be harvested and therefore prices will be sky high. Also, Dairy farmers are now pouring milk and other dairy products down the drain, because the demand is just not there anymore with schools, restaurants, etc. closed down. Milk might immediately be lower priced in stores, but once these farmers reduce their output accordingly, then all dairy products will soon go up.

We can expect it to be this way probably not just for this season but for next year also. It would therefore be a good idea for everyone who can to plant and harvest their own vegetables and fruits in their own space.

Another thing he pointed out, with which I agree, is that the “great economy” that we were enjoying in the United States, as well as in Canada, was a “window dressing” type economy. The only people who were and are benefiting from the economy were the people at the very top of the chain. The billionaires and multi-millionaires. The fact that this pandemic has shown that the VAST majority of people cannot go past one or two paychecks without becoming economically bereft and not being able to pay their bills, or buy food, means that the “great economy” and all of the low unemployment was just a sham economy, as far as most of the people who were working and doing the day to day jobs go. There was not health in the almost total “consumer based” economy, that especially the United States has been running for so many years.

I see the news clips almost every night with cars lined up for miles and miles with people waiting in line to get food at food banks. This is happening in almost every state, but especially in the South and the Midwest. What happens when the food banks run out of food and people get desperate for something to eat? Ask yourself that question and extrapolate out an answer in you mind. What happens if our truckers and our grocery workers get too sick to work….supplies break down. What if Amazon and Walmart online cannot get supplies and send them out? What happens when your prescriptions, which are mostly made in India and China don’t make it to the drugstores? I realize we are not there yet in these areas, and I pray that we don’t get there.

The government passed a Covid relief bill on March 27 and this is April 9th and so far not a penny has gone out to anyone that I can tell. I’m sure the bill was passed in good faith, but there wasn’t a lot of thought given to the detail of how the mechanics of the bill were going to be carried out. Banks which were bailed out in 2008 by taxpayer money now don’t won’t to take a “chance” on loaning small businesses money to keep then going because they are afraid they will be left “holding the bag” They were not too afraid to take that bail our money though. Also, they are having hold ups and problems figuring out how to get the 1200 dollar relief money to citizens. I have read that some people won’t even get their “relief check” until September! They can’t figure out how to disperse the money from the first Covid bailout bill and I hear they are already wanting to pass another one? Really? Every politician in Washington, both Democratic and Republican should be voted out of office and replaced with some of the people who are being heroes now in our time of need. Doctors, grocery workers, soldiers, veterans, school teachers, truckers, etc. These are the people who need to hold public office. The majority of the people who are up there now are only there to enrich themselves. How else do they become mulit millionaires in a period of a few years on a 170 thousand dollar a year salary? How is it we have Senators and Congressmen and Women who will take insider information about a coming pandemic and use it to dump stocks and buy stocks instead of worrying about the welfare of the American people? What a joke our Federal Government has been and is.

I suppose that’s enough of a rant by now so I’ll stop. I promise no more of this in the future because there are already so many ranters on Facebook I don’t need to continue to add to the “noise” Everyone….if you’ve gotten to this point please do the things you need to do to stay safe. Stay Home, Wear Masks and gloves, and Stay our of crowds. This thing may continue until we get a vaccine or a super course of treatment. As many are saying, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Love you all people.

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