Pixels do not a friend make

A friendship on these pages does not equal a friendship in real life. Pixels are not touches, not words heard by the ears, not eyes meeting in conversation, Love, or sorrow.

There is no sound to this, no inflections or subtle textures such as we have in real conversation. These squiggles contain no warm red blood running through their flat, black on white presence on this page.

I wouldn’t trade ten thousand words written here, for five minutes and a cup of coffee with any of you.

We’ve got to find a stopping point for all this “terminal” nonsense, and abstract scripted anger that the creators of these mediums have dropped us into.

I’m going to start to refuse to let the unreal continue to rule the real world every chance I get. Think about it yourself. We are spending way too much time letting other people with bad intent create our idealism and opinions for us.

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