We are stardust….nucleosynthesis created the carbon within us. Supernovas created the iron which is in our blood. Helium, hydrogen, Oxygen…all created by the processes it took to form our Universe.

The tiniest strands of our DNA are coiled around in configurations inside our bodies, like the spiral galaxies that our far seeing telescopes gaze out at.

All around us are these incredible wonders, all within us they are the same.

We are gifted with the knowledge of some of these things….by far not all, that’s for sure. We should all realize the kindred that we share with each other. We are so much alike, yet each a little different. Each of us our own little walking, taking, thinking biosphere which is powered by the energy that we have been bequeathed by the Universe around us.

The Universe has done the miraculous in each and every one of us.

I don’t know what there is in us which causes us to feel the way we do, one towards another. These emotions we generate. Love, hate, the chief amongst the many. I think we should look at each other as what we really are….cosmic sisters and brothers on a common journey, to an unknown destination. Treat each other better.

We are all stardust, and one day we will all be again. Let’s make the most of our conscious time together.

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