Will Man Survive?

Every night I try to end my day of consciousness with meditation. You can call it prayer if you wish. I know we are flesh and blood creatures who act based mostly on a million years of evolution and many attributes which have been hard wired into our brain. Certain chemicals which we smell or touch trigger autonomic and automatic actions. Certain external triggers that we perceive trigger release of chemicals in our bodies, which predetermine how we will act or react. I know all of this. I know much of the science involved in our development as a species.

I can’t explain the need to acknowledge the unknown. The “X” factor that sometimes throws a monkey wrench into my logical thinking. So, every night I think about it. I meditate. I pray. Even if nothing is listening, even if God is listening. Even if it’s just for my sanity.

I find myself wishing that I had done more when I was able, to make this world a better place. A better place for my “tribe” and yours too. A world with pure water and air. A world where the people who love outweigh the detritus of the people who do not love. I wish for a word where people could accept others for what they are, not what some structure which mankind and his society have set up says they should be. I wish for a world where humans do not label other humans. A world where one group does not stand around and dictate how other groups should act, based on their set of norms. We are all the same you know, the spirit is colorless, sexless, unbiased and holy innocent. If we are anything at all when we leave this life, it won’t be what you or I think it will be. It just won’t. We just do not know the secrets the Universe holds, or the silence and finality it may possess!

I think of a world where my grandchildren and their grandchildren will have a chance at true happiness, not just mundane survival. Life should always involve happiness because without it, there is no living. There’s life….but no living. Every day I try to make my grandchildren laugh if I am around them. I’ll act silly, I’ll tickle, I’ll make faces. One second of happiness is worth a thousand hours of nothingness.

This fickle world, so full of evil in the form of those who steal happiness and love from us on a daily basis with their self centered actions and deeds, this world we inhabit will not last. Our species will not last. Look at the history of life on this planet. We humans think ourselves so special and singular. We are not. We are here, now…for a time. Is it too much to ask that we respect each other’s humanity, and lay off the hatred? Is it too much to ask to move away from the money motivated culture we have built over the past five thousand years, and evolve into creatures who care about all living things?

I guess it is too much to ask right now, at this point. It won’t always be that way though.

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