Is There any Magic?

Is there any magic in this world? It appears to me, every time I take a close look, that everything which has comprised an advance in our civilization has come from the mind of man. (or woman)

Every invention, every work of art, every book and every discovery, has been made through an idea that came from the human mind. It doesn’t really matter where the inspiration originated. Pretty often we sell ourselves short on our accomplishments, and we really shouldn’t.

The positive things human beings have done are amazing.

The one thing we can’t seem to accomplish, is how to live with each other peacefully. Since it’s hard for human nature can to overcome that flaw, perhaps we should rely on human technology and ingenuity.

I believe somewhere out there someone has an idea that can bring us peace. Is it AI or maybe some kind of cream or ointment? Something like sunblock you rub on, but instead it’s “hateblock”.

Who knows? All I know is that mankind possesses the means for his total destruction many times over…worked on by many thousands of people, many hundreds of years.

There’s gotta be at least one person out there working on developing a technology for a non violent world. (I hope)

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