A Father’s Day Message – 2018

A Fathers Day Message.

I hear what the religious leaders say…about families, about Mothers and Fathers…And what the old testament said. But…it is the old testament. I know a Father’s love is necessary if at all possible. I also know sometimes Fathers totally mess up their kids. I’m glad my Dad was good to me, and I have tried my best to be good to my children. My wish is that all children have good role models, tight families, but most of all that children have parents…People…who love them, and show them so, and tell them so.

I know also that when his disciples told Jesus there were 5000 hungry people following him, some of them sick…he first went among them and healed them, and then he took a small amount of food and blessed it, and fed them all…with baskets full of food left over.

He did not “qualify” these people, nor did he care what class they were, what color their skins were, what their sins were, what country they were from, or who they loved and why. He didn’t even preach to them at that point…simply ministered to their physical needs and sent them away. He wasn’t mad because they senselessly followed him far away from civilization. He dealt with them all equally. He was good at that.

If your a Christian, or if you are some other religion, or no religion at all…It’s good to remember to treat all people with love and respect. Jesus did not put himself above anyone…except for that one last time.

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