Pop’s Wisdom

I’d love to be one of those people who know with exact certainty that “their side” is always in the right. I know with exact certainty that I’m not right in my opinions and in my way of thinking many times. I think I’ve made that pretty clear in the past.

My Daddy used to say “It takes all kinds to make a world”. That World War II and Korea Navy veteran didn’t know how right he was. It does take “all kinds”. It takes the good and the bad. The compassionate and the uncaring.

So many comparisons can be made of direct opposites, that’s the easy ones to make. The harder decisions about the true nature of the people in this world is more fuzzy. Good people don’t always act good….sometimes they just don’t think through the things they say or write first. I’m guilty of that, and I’m sure I’ve hurt some feelings and ruffled some feathers. I probably will again.

I will try not to “kick a man while he’s down”, which was another one of Daddy’s sayings. Because, and I’ll quote Daddy one more time:

“What goes around comes around”.

I miss that old man, more on some days than others.

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