Drifting off to Sleep.

For as long as I can remember, up until the past few years, I’ve lain in bed and “daydreamed” at night after I turn the lights out, until I drifted off to sleep. I always did it as a child. I fought and won so many battles as a super hero, I can’t tell you. My mind was an endless flow of things that I’d be when I grew up, or of far out fantasy’s lived in different times or on different planets. Even as an adult, I’d fantasize of winning the lottery and how I’d spend that great big old pile of money, or of great vacations in some faraway place. I’ve even played golf in my mind while I lay there waiting for sleep to come. Made some great shots too.

Sometimes I would relive old memories of great times and places while waiting on the sandman. But, that doesn’t happen anymore.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m nearing my 70th birthday, or if I’ve just worn out my brain over the years. Now, I’ll read up until it’s “lights out” time and when I turn off my lamp, my mind just kind of “zones out” into a nothing state. Usually, I’m off to sleep in a few short minutes….but it’s just not the same. I really used to enjoy those outlandish fantasies. I can’t really dive back into my old memories too far either.

I have to consciously try to think of something, and most of the time it’s something I have to be concerned about, or worry about. Just for one or two nights I’d love to go back to that six year old kid state of mind and drift off to sleep as Superman, or Batman. I don’t think it’s in the cards though.

For all of you kids whose imagination is as big as the sky, and who can imagine yourself crossing the galaxy in a spaceship to explore unknown worlds…..enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

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