The Last Bastion

This is the last bastion of refuge. The last tiny little sliver of writing area available to me on the vast “social” media network where I can dare express how I truly feel about the things going on in the world around me. Alas, if too many people even see this, then I’ll have to go back to pen and paper and let all….or none, of my thoughts be considered posthumously.

Honestly, there must really be something wrong with my brain. Either the high fever I had as a toddler, which caused my eyes to cross…or the concussion I had the very next year when I rode my tricycle down our front steps and busted my head wide open must surely be the reason I can’t see and understand how messiah-like some leaders are considered in this country. We’ve always had people with flaws….heck I’ve got them. We’ve never before been ensorcelled though.

One has to wonder at the sights their eyes see, and the words their ears hear. When the man sitting for the interview pointed at the gigantic statue of Lincoln and said he’d been “treated worse than that man” I had to wonder at my own sanity. We are so far down the rabbit hole, there’s no coming back.

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