Random Crazy thoughts from today.

We’ve only just begun. That was a “Carpenters” song, it seems like an eternity ago now. “We’ve only just begun to live, white lace and promises, a gift for luck and we’re on our way” I suppose it’s been sung at about a million weddings. The title of the song keeps popping in my head now almost every day since we’ve all started “distancing” from each other. We’ve only just begun. We’ve only just begun to live the “new” way that we’re going to have to live for quite some time now. Who knows how long? Nobody.

There are a lot guessers out there. A lot of assumers, and a lot of optimists. I’ve never been much of an optimist. That’s just the way I was built. I’ve tried to happy my way out of it a lot of times. I haven’t yet been able to do it. I’m slightly to the bi-polar side I suppose. I have good days and bad days. I had them even when we weren’t going through a pandemic. Now those swings are a lot more extreme. Amplified and modulated. I read an article which said we’re only in the 2nd inning of this fight with the novel coronavirus. If we’re just in the 2nd inning, it’s going to be a long, long game. A deadly game. A game in which a lot of people are going to “leave the stadium” before it’s over. The people who are there at the end of the game, are going to be changed by the game. Forever.

I don’t know if I’ll make it until the end of the game. I’m a pretty old spectator, who was pretty set in his ways even before the game started. At just over a month into this, I’m already pretty antsy some days. Other days I’m ok…. I’m lucky to have a wonderful companion who’s sharing this game with me, and she’s more of an optimist then I am. She keeps me pretty sane most days.

I know for certain and for sure I’m not the only one who’s already going a little stir crazy. But, I’m so very thankful to be here where I am now. I am so very thankful to still have my health. I’m going to continue to fight, both the external and the internal battle with this terrible disease which has already taken over 50 thousand people in our country.

I’m going to stay put, except to get food and medication. I’m for sure not going out into a barber shop, or a gym, or inside a Walmart store. I can’t stop other people from doing it. It’s their decision to do what they are going to do. I surely can’t understand opening lot’s of the country back up while the disease is still spreading.

There’s still lots of time to go. Lot’s of time to think, or perhaps not to think about this crisis in human history. I guess each generator sees it’s own emergencies. Not every generation sees an existential threat to it’s existence. (or two of them if you count the climate crisis which is going on at the same time) I guess we can only do what we can with the time that we have to do it with.

Everyone stay safe, try and stay sane, and stay healthy. Everyone has my deepest love and hope for all of us….for the entire human race. Let’s try to make it to the end of this deadly game the best way we all can.