Things About Me

Oh my Lord, I kept liking those posts where people are putting up “secret” things that people don’t know about them and one of my friends has given me the number 7. Should I be a good sport and do it? I’m not sure I can think of that many things.

1. I once rode my bicycle down the steps and busted my head open. I don’t know what I was thinking. I also had a high fever the year before and had extremely crossed eyes. They thought it was going to be permanent, but they finally uncrossed on their own.

2. My favorite reading genre is Fantasy. I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin, R.A. Salvatore, etc.

3. I wanted to be a poet when I was growing up. My Dad told me there was no money in it. I ended up poor anyway, so I should have just followed my dream.

4. I love movies that make your cry. Old Yeller still gets me every time.

5. I’m afraid of flying, though I have done it a lot.

6. I didn’t see the ocean until I was 15 years old.

7. I once won an all-expense paid trip to one of 10 cities in Europe on a radio contest. It was WSB, and it was on a trivia contest. The questions which I answered to get my “name in the pot” was: Who was Mrs. Hungary of 1957? The answer: Zsa Zsa Gabor. We ended up going to Greece although we first wanted to go to Vienna Austria. We could only go in October and Vienna was booked up due to “Oktoberfest” Loved Greece though..

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