America- from 2014

I hope that America can continue to be the wonderful, diverse, and unfettered country it has been in the past.

We have stood for personal liberty more than any country in the world. People can do things in America that would get you killed in some other parts of the world. Probably quite a few things actually.

It’s a quandary which I cannot quite get to balance out in my thinking. We stand for personal liberty here, but in some parts of the world the members of the groups we are allowing those personal liberties, are trying to impose a system which offers very little, if any, liberty.

How does that help us? I mean, I know we are the USA and we are supposed to be better than everyone else and all, but what is it getting us?

I saw a video of some of our Navy boys getting chased around and threatened in Turkey. I didn’t hear that those Turks got punished. Try chasing a bunch of Turkish Navy guys around in the U.S., and see where it gets you. There is no equity there.

I saw that they allowed a Muslim service in the National Cathedral, and I guess it had to be approved by the Episcopal Board who is over the Cathedral, and it was probably a good will gesture to reach out to American Muslims, and in some sense I applaud it. This is in Washington D.C. our capital city. And then I think that those Muslims could go to Mecca, but the Episcopalians never can. So, there’s no balance there.

I could go on, but my point is made. This is America, the land of Liberty. I have researched my genealogy and I don’t have any ancestors who are recent immigrants. I have several who fought in the Revolutionary War, and many who fought in the “Civil” War. I’m as American as you can get, unless one is a NA…and I have some of that blood line too. I don’t say that to elevate myself, because I am personally not much of anything. I say that because I want there to be a free America around for my descendants, and I fear the direction we unwittingly go sometimes. I am neither a Democratic or a Republican anymore. I am an American looking for someone good to lead this country. I don’t think any of the ones in Washington under either party name qualify.

What I think, from looking at this last election is that we have got to start demanding more from our so called representatives. We sent a sorry bunch, out of a sorry field of candidates. Now that they are there, they won’t do what they promised. Thomas Jefferson said that “the people should never fear the government, but that the government should fear the people” His words, not mine. Our government does not fear us because we go back to watching our TV shows and ball games two weeks after “the election” instead of raising hell about what we want them to do. Instead, they are going to argue about who has what power and how they use it.

I think they need to pass some laws. Do something even if it ain’t right, like my Daddy used to say. I don’t care if I personally disagree with every last thing they do…but just do…something…that at least makes somebody happy. If it turns out to be a bad idea, history has proven that anything done can be undone.

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