Laying Waste to Being Human

Today is Friday. I think at least I know that much. I look at the date: November 8, 2019. I wonder sometimes how I got here.

Through hook and crook. Through sheer luck. Through determination. Through despair and sorrow. Through love and tenderness. Through letting myself be carried along in the center of the river of life. Never taking too many chances.

So here it is, this day.

I wonder about life. Have I done it the right way? Could I have done it better? I certainly could have done some things better. I was born with a certain set of genes, I grew up and lived in a certain environment. Both of these things have shaped me a certain way.

I wish they had shaped me into a kinder person. I’m lacking so much in that area. I wish I’d been shaped with a better temperament, instead of having one of those “fly off the handle” types. I wish I had learned to be less self centered, and more confident in myself. I have a tendency to get on people’s nerves.

Actually, I get on my own at times! Maybe it’s a little bit paranoia, and a little bit trying too hard to please. Hopefully the ability for self examination is a positive…,

I look at other people who seem to have gotten it “all together” and I wonder what that would be like. I wonder if they really DO have it all together, or if it is simply one of their talents to seem that way to other people? I’ve often said, that we cannot really tell about the reality of other people without being them. There’s a whole lot of people I know I wouldn’t want to be, even with all my shortcomings I’d feel better just staying me instead.

As I get older, I’m more at peace with what I am most days, although the past week hasn’t been my finest hour. I’m taking a deep breath this weekend, and I’m going to try and get back on track. As the rest of my time passes here, I’m sure I’ll have to do more and more “resets” in order to stay focused on what I need to do: live the balance of my time helping more than I hurt, and keeping my words and actions good. That’s a tall order for me.

When I’m gone from here, Id like to have left more good memories than not. I guess that’s really the only legacy I’ll have to offer.

Have a great weekend my friends.

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