Code Switching

I know there are things I would like to express my opinion about. There’s not enough time in my day in which to do so. Some day soon perhaps I will sit down with my computer in my lap, and my fingers will fly, and I will let my few friends who actually read what I write know what I really think about the current sorry state of our country, and our world.

Then again, maybe not. In all the time I have been on this Facebook thing, I have never had one single person say “you know, I got to thinking about what you wrote and it really changed my mind about ______” Not once.

So, what’s it really worth to put yourself out there? The friends you have who are philosophically similar will like it, and your friends who are philosophically different will not. Chances are they will disagree vociferously on your post, and make you feel guilty for even saying anything. Perhaps I am just too much of a code switching empath to feel good about causing any type of conflict. But is that cowardly? I dunno.

Guess I will just try and continue to carefully maneuver and gently persuade. If even only one person gets something good out of it then I have succeeded.

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