Nature Loves a Pattern

There is a pattern to all things. Nature loves a good workable pattern and will replicate it from gigantic down to microscopic. Take the “swirl” pattern. Look at the photos of galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope. Look at over head photos of hurricanes or cyclones, and know that this very same pattern goes down to tiny grains of sand. Even to microscopic creatures. Is this repeating pattern an accident? I think it’s no more an accident than the similar way a human brain and a computer function. Patterns.

We all humans are formed in the same pattern. Our DNA is 99.5% the same from person to person, no matter what you are. It’s that half a percent which accounts for making us all “individuals” Even so, the genetic differences we display do not account for the conflicts between us. That is all cultural, or learned behavior. It is not part of the pattern.

If we could only focus on our very close similarities, and learn to reject what our cultures teach us about our half a percent differences, we could stop wasting so much of our precious time here on Earth on war, hatred, and killing.

We are all part of the pattern of the Universe. We need to use our brains to reach out beyond what we know here. We might like what we find.

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