World Trade Center

I traveled to New York City a couple of years back, and got very acquainted with the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the World Trade Tower site, and all that area thereabouts.  We were staying close by, within walking distance, and we took long walks to all of these places and more.

I was reminded of the trip I took to NYC back in 1974, back when the World Trade Towers were new..just operational enough for 4 adventurous budding Professional District Scout Executives who were visiting for the weekend to take the elevator up as far as it would go.  What a ride, and what a site.  And then…when I looked at it last year all gone except for the foundation and nearly 3000 innocent people dead, it was hard to bear.

Then there was the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  On Ellis Island were the records of thousands of people who had immigrated into our country.  Sometimes waiting for weeks, or even months in the harshests of conditions to get into this wonderful country they had heard so much about.  All of them, waiting their turn, waiting patiently and going through all the pangs of being a new immigrant coming into the land of opportunity.  Irish, German, Polish, Italian, you name it…they all came and they waited their turn and they filled out their papers and they came into this new world legally.  Under the system of law, like they were supposed to do.  “Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, give these, the homeless tempess tossed to me” that’s what Lady Liberty stood for.  And for all the people who have built a life in this country through hard work, respect for the LAW of the Land, and respect for others.  There are so many of them, and the great city of New York embodies it all! 

Now the rule of law seems to be thrown out the door.  The sacredness of the Lady of Liberty is trashed by those who would break the law, and by those who support them.  What good is it to live in a country where we are supposed to be bound by the rule of law, when many look the other way EVERY DAY so that their profits may soar, their pockets may fill, all to the detriment and loss of those whose families came in through Ellis Island those years ago…legally, and worked so hard to make a life in this country.  How easy it seems now to some, when they can ride the streets in brand new cars and trucks within days or weeks of gracing our shores.  They can band together and rent huge houses and take the money they earn and buy luxuries with it.  Send it back home you say?  Maybe, but what good does that do our country?

I know that many ARE here to try and better their lives.  There are not just the gold diggers.  But, when the law of the land is broken so blatantly with such impunity even by those whose intentions are good, does that make it right?  Does that make it legal, just because their need is great?  There are many who crossed Ellis Island whose need was just as great…perhaps greater.  How many Irishmen starved to death back in Ireland during the famine waiting THEIR turn to get into America?  And how many would have bristled had you told them you were going to smuggle them in illegally, as criminals?

Sometimes, somedays I look at the pictures of the Statue of Liberty which I took in New York, and remember looking at that hole in the ground where all those Americans diied, and I just wonder when we are going to wake up and find that the invasion that is going to finish us off didn’t come from Al Quaeda, but from a bit further South.

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  1. I agree completely, Larry. People always say that our ancestors came from other places. True…but as far as I know, mine all did it legally. Big difference. Plus, when they arrived, they became Americans. They didn’t keep flying the flag from their previous country, but proudly waved the U.S. flag. We have public schools in our area that display the Mexican flag and we’ve seen some schools that ONLY had the Mexican flag. We can all be proud of our heritage, but even prouder to be an American! If we aren’t, then maybe we shouldn’t be here.

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    1. I believe in letting people have a chance at the American dream. I don’t believe in separating families though. I believe the laws themselves need to change in order to improve the way immigration is handled. I understand that being closer to the border you have seen those things like schools flying the Mexican flag in America. I don’t think that’s right. I hope that as newer generations of Hispanic people grow up in America they will want to identify more with this country than with their old one. It’s a work in progress which I hope will improve!


  2. Unfortunately it really isn’t getting better here. Hispanics are the majority in our area. Many are good, legal, hard-working people, but too many are just here for the hand-outs and to cause disruptions. We’ve had a hospital close because people would sneak across the border to get care…for free. The hospital provided the care, but went bankrupt. What’s funny is that many San Diegans go across the border for lower-cost medical and dental treatments. Many area doctors were trained in universities in Mexico.

    Working construction, my husband would be told to not even bother the on-site foreman because they would only hire Mexicans. One worker was let go because all of the daily instructions were in Spanish, so the man wasn’t doing what he was told to do. He couldn’t understand the boss. Hubs and the Mexican foreman switched workers—Wayne took the man who didn’t speak Spanish and the Mexican took the two that Wayne would find taking a siesta every afternoon after lunch, under the bridge they were supposed to be working on. People in many other areas of the country probably don’t have these types of problems.

    We do have Mexican friends and our church has a large Spanish service. We still eat tacos and burritos and enjoy the beauty of the Spanish architecture in our area. I do not appreciate having streets blocked off with protestors who often don’t really know what they are protesting, but it’s what “everyone is doing”.

    Many of the kids that are here have come across the border by themselves and are being cared for while people are trying to figure out how to get them back to their families…if they even have a family. Baja California is not the “real” Mexico and that’s what is feeding into our area. Their politicians and police are well-known to be corrupt. Baja is like its own separate country. When the news says San Diego wants “the wall”, it’s pretty true. I can’t say about other areas, but it’s way out of control here. Things definitely are wrong, but I’m not smart enough to figure out the right answers. I just don’t think breaking the law for starters is a good place to begin. And there are way too many hotheads spouting off who don’t live with the problems. It’s much easier to solve someone else’s problems from a distance.

    I do appreciate that you can discuss topics and not drop all the F-bombs, etc., and keep open to other views. No one is ever going to completely agree, but listening is a big start to problem-solving. I just don’t like getting into all of it on FB. That’s my relaxation time. :>) I know whatever I write probably won’t change anyone’s mind and it just makes my blood pressure rise, so I pretty much stay with the cute dogs and cats…and block a whole lot of posts.

    Sorry for the long diatribe~

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    1. I understand. I think a wall in your area would be entirely appropriate, and needed. That’s the problem that most people don’t understand is that we are dealing with totally different border problems in different areas. I think the Texas problem is an entirely (for the most part) different set of people. I would like for people who are trying to get their families out of danger of being murdered to be able to do so. I think that’s why honest hearings are needed.

      In our area of Georgia, the big Industries like the carpet industry in Dalton and the poultry industries, along with the textile industries were responsible for initially bringing the Hispanics here. In Trion up until 1980 we had only one Hispanic there. Pete the truck driver. Then they started hiring Guatemalans, and they came and brought their families. Now Trion is over 50% Hispanic. Many of their children were born in America, but the parents are not legal. What a huge problem, and one which was created by greedy industries who didn’t want to pay a living wage to the people already living here. Those people could not get jobs, so they got on drugs. They started selling drugs. Now we’ve ended up with white petty drug dealers, who get their drugs from large cartels. What a problem had been created, and all due to greed. The white people in the South resent the Hispanics because they feel like they “took their jobs”. Maybe partially true. I can see why so many southerners voted for Trump, because of his talk on building a wall. But it’s all such a very and more varied problem nationally than just building a barrier. Our government is at least partially to blame for the terrible situations in the Central America countries. We have used them, and abused them since the early 20th century. We need to fix the root causes of the problems and not simply continue to try and control the flow. As long as those people are insecure there, they’ll keep on coming here. I can’t really blame them, I blame our politicians for not trying to fix the root cause. Can Trump do it? A lot of people thought he could, but who knows.

      As for people marching, that’s their right, but they need to know what they are marching for. The media in this country on both “sides” simply feeds us what their spin is, and people take it at face value. That’s crazy. They all have agendas. People need to research and talk to other people. Anyway, take care and have a good 4th.


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