How to Listen

When you can comfort other people, do so. When you can lend a hand to either a friend or a stranger, do so. If you have the capacity to love other people besides your family, then you should do it. We should do it.

Only we ordinary everyday people have the ability to change the world. The politicians don’t. The preachers don’t. The bloggers don’t. The media does not. The CEO’s of the mega corps don’t. The Wall Street bankers don’t. They all have power, but they don’t have the ability. They all want control, and will take it if we allow them too.

Teach your children well. Instill love and compassion in them yourselves. Stay in touch with their activities and emotions.

Interact with your friends, and try and make new friends. Discuss issues which might be divisive with your friends. Don’t let differences fester. Infected relationships never turn out well

Most of all, don’t believe everything you hear or read, especially on social media. Keep your eyes and your awareness open when you are on the street…in public. Listen, don’t speak unless someone involves you in an interaction. You learn the real truths from the ground up.

I can’t speak personally to many of the things which are going on in the world right now because my energies are directed towards affecting some tiny lives, some young lives who I wish will be the generation who finds the will, who find the strength and the sense of purpose to find a new paradigm for the way humanity exists and by doing so can create a peaceful world. One in which all resources go into the betterment of all mankind. I hope some other people are doing the same.

Only we ordinary everyday people have the ability to change the world. Let’s stop giving our power to the manipulators and do it.

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