The Immigration Game

I’m not sure what I would have done if somebody had ever tried to take one of my children away from me. In my younger days, there certainly would have been a fight.

Let’s think about it in reverse. What happens to a child when their parents are taken from them? Terror, uncertainty, trauma, possible PTSD, hunger, (would you feel like eating?) mourning, extreme sorrow, longing, hate….yes, that too…later.

I would have never believed when I was a young parent, that my country….America, could do something like taking children from parents. I wish to God I would have known when I was younger that this could have even remotely been a possibility of something which would happen. Perhaps there would have been something that I could have done differently to prevent this from happening. I feel so personally responsible for what is taking place right now! I’m an American, and this is happening in my country! How could this be true? Are we at war, and I haven’t heard it?

I’ve heard that this is “policy”. This isn’t policy! I’ve heard that this is biblical. This…is…not…biblical! I have heard this is “the law”. This is not the law. What this is…is simply wrong.

It’s dead wrong. And it needs to stop.

This is America. The people that this is happening to are not terrorists. The majority of them are either fleeing repression and violence, or they are looking for a better life for their families. Look around you. These people are working. These people are your fruit and vegetable pickers, your carpet mill workers, your truck drivers. They are not all gang members, robbers and rapists. They are people. People who want to do better for their families, and their families are being torn apart.

It’s not right. This is not who we are. This is not my America, not now not ever.

Call who you got to call now, but make sure you vote in the next election, and all the ones after that. Vote against the people who are making this happen. You know who they are. We can make America what it needs to be only when they are gone, and better people take their place.

Yes there would have been a fight if somebody had tried to take my kids from me. But you haven’t heard about any fights coming from the places this is happening, have you? That’s because the people this is happening to are helpless. Helpless and at the mercy of armed men on the other side.

And their children are being taken from them. And the parents are being taken away from their kids. Let that sink in, and see if you think it’s right.

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