Graduation in the “Old Days”

I have gotten in my “steps” today…but that’s about it. I feel like other than walking this morning, I’ve just been lazy today.

I know that summer is coming on quickly and the hot, sweaty days that are ahead will be an aggravation. I think I used to enjoy summer a lot more as a boy, back when golfing and baseball and staying out all day and far into the dark of the evening was a way of life.

It seems so long ago. So far back in my memory. The gray memories. The black and white years.

I tried to think back yesterday, after my granddaughter went through High School graduation, to my own graduation. There are very few photos that were taken, and I think the cap and gown is long gone. There weren’t many of us that year, back in 1968…I think 49 or 50? Heck, I’d have to get up and hunt my annual in order to remember exactly, and like I said…this is a lazy day!

I remember we had our ceremony at the football field, and I recall shaking hands with Carl Searles, who was on the Board of Education back then. That’s about it. There are still a few of us kicking around from that ceremony and hopefully there are some who have retained more of the day then I have.

I wish we’d had just a smidgen of today’s techology back then to preserve that landmark time in our lives, especially since my memory today is as spotty as a dalamation dog. I may just get up and find that annual after all, just to nudge my recalcitrant brain a little….

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