Sometimes I forget to remove the beam from my eye before I complain about the splinter in someone else’s eye. I plead guilty to sometimes not practicing what I preach. Am I alone?

I need to strive more and more to start with empathy and understanding before jumping straight to anger and judgment. I have only ever walked in my own shoes and the only way to comprehend another person’s walk is by listening.

I know I have never learned one single thing from someone else by talking at the same time as they are talking. The only thing you can hear when that happens is yourself. I’ve never felt compassion from tuning someone out. Oh, there are people I have done both ways, but it was my actions which were callous.

Forgive me for sometimes only listening to myself. To anyone who I have ever not offered the chance to learn from what you know, and what I don’t, I’m sincerely sorry. I forgot how many times 7 times 70 can be.

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