Thought process

Things are strange now. I don’t know why, so don’t even bother to ask.

I do know that when I was younger, we had four seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Now we’ve changed over to only two…..Hot and Cold. The trees and plants are confused, and so am I.

We used to have people in the “middle” when it came to politics. They seemed to be the ones who got most things done, as they would mediate between the two extremes of the spectrum. Now, there are very, very few of these people remaining. Not enough to do any good it seems. They are going the way of the Dodo Bird. Extinction.

Politics is like the seasons of the year. Only two “sides” remaining.

I watched a movie last night that got me to thinking about good and evil. In the movie, the villainess was superhuman. Very powerful, and able to destroy entire armies by herself. I wondered why, with this much power she couldn’t just affect the hearts and minds of the people she was trying to conquer, and turn them to her, without killing them. It seems her power was simply limited to being super-humanely evil. Oh, there were those who went along with the evil, there always are those.  There was no love there.

But the majority of humanity wanted to remain “good”

The good guy won in the end, of course. In addition to also being super human, and super powerful, he had the hearts and minds of the people behind him. “Good always wins in the end”.

Does it?

Our human religions seem to tell us so, but they are after all human religions. They are, after all concepts which we have come up with to explain why we are as we are.  They are uniquely our own.  The concepts are our concepts.

Just like the characters in the movie, which some writers invented.

If there is indeed only two forces in the Universe, good and evil, then I pray silently that the proprietor of good is the more powerful, and although evil will win some battles, good will win the war.  Is that the way the Universe is made?  Ahh, being human I do not know!  I only know things that I can conceive in my own terms.

I used to think I knew about the weather, but I was incorrect.

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