The Pattern of All of Us

We are all made from a pattern. A very closely related pattern. The pattern of the human species.

Perhaps all of us are like a blank coloring page. Those of us in the same family have the most similar pages, a lot of the same blank squiggles. Identical twins have the most similar pattern, thus the most similar pages. Once the pattern is made, and the die is cast that part of our page cannot be changed. From the human coloring book our page is selected. From the different sections of the book, our page is chosen.

But then the differences begin. What is simply penciled in to begin with, begins to be colored by our experiences. By our environment comes some color. How much we are loved or not loved. We begin to see ourselves in shades and hues that are of our own choice. We go down different paths seeking the tones which we think match our own personal color palette, and unexpected changes sometimes take place. There are no erasures, but you can color over some spots…but that mostly tends to leave gray areas. Our choices are our own, but always within the confines of the page we are given.

Some even color outside the lines, but that tends not to work out well, although rarely something brilliant is formed.

That page IS us, and we work to fill in the blanks all our lives. Many of us choose to replicate another blank page in the process of our own work. Takes two intersecting to accomplish that. In the end we all get to where we get before our crayons are taken away.

But really, human life is about much more than our genetics and our experiences, and our interactions. It’s about much more than being born, and living a life with other people, and dying, isn’t it? If it’s not about more than that, why not just take a black sharpie and color it all in?

Life is about touching and being touched. It’s about expressing your joy and your sadness.

It’s about the first time your child smiled at you, or said your name. Or about their first step, or their first game, or their graduation or their wedding.

It’s about breaking things in anger. It’s about regrets and victories. It’s about finding someone with whom to share your journey.

It’s about reading a good book, or baking a cookie and eating some of the raw dough. It’s about loss and how you cope with it. It’s about sorrow and if you can pick yourself up and go on from that pain.

It’s about the spark of light we are all given…yes given, we cannot take it on our own. We may be the product of eons on the drawing board of nature, but without that spark we are nothing but a pile of carbon stardust waiting to be blown away by some solar winds.

So hold someone’s hand tomorrow. Kiss them if you can. Remember that even the meanest of people started out exactly the same way you did, but somewhere, sometime…somehow, something went wrong.

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