The Strangeness of Time

Am I assuming too much when I assume that I am not the only one tired of politics and political non issues? And it’s only April still, with a long way to go.

I’m weary of blog reposts about borders, and Supreme Court decisions, and memes about bathrooms.

I don’t care where you pee, just be sure and flush.

I’m also not too certain there is anything I can write here on Facebook which will cause the income equality gap to get better. And I don’t think it really matters to anybody much who I plan to vote for, and why.

I’ve stopped being religious, but I still believe in God. It’s possible believe me.

The thing which concerns me most is time, and spending what I have left wisely and with love, with the people I love.

Oh, I know some of the external things going on in the world may have some periferal effect on me, but they will be manageable, short of some unforeseen disaster.

What I have here, now, and for the years ahead, is what’s important to me. I’m not trying to change the world, but simply trying to minimize my interface with it in order to maximize my relationships with people I care for…which also includes some of you, my friends.

It’s difficult to express what I am feeling. I guess it’s the speed of time…the fact that it is running by much faster now than when I was younger. It’s all relativity you see.

When you are five years old, one year is 20% of your entire life so it therefore seems to pass slowly. When you are ten, it’s 10% of your life…and so on. If you reach 80 years old one year is like..what?…1.25% of your life, so a year relatively speaking, seems to fly by. Even now, at age 65 I’m already thinking about buying Christmas presents for this year. This week has gone by in a flash. They all seem to now.

I have to therefore reduce the magnitude of things I need to do to a manageable level and by choice do the things which count the most, which involve my family and close friends. It doesn’t mean I won’t still do things which fall outside these parameters…just means there will be fewer of those “things”.

I’m not giving up trade day, or healthy walking times. I’m going to give up worrying about some of the things I previously mentioned, unless of course I get riled up.

Isn’t it enough for most of us to deal with our own “business”. To live and let live, and quit worrying about the petty things that the world around us wants to thrust upon us as being SO important.

Our justification for our actions should be taking care of our own, and letting others do the same. We don’t have to quit dealing with important issues but maybe we need to look more closely at what is really important. But in the spirit of not telling anyone what to do with their Facebook page, please put on anything you want because I will exercise my right to selective reading.

So, back to dealing with time. A lot of it has passed since I started this post so now it’s time to rest and sleep. Tomorrow will be here very soon.

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