The dash (-)

Jesus Christ

born 0- died 33 A.D.

A beginning which is celebrated as a world wide holiday, we call Christmas. A death…and resurrection, which is celebrated as a world wide holiday, we call Easter. The little (-) in between is everything he did and said in between those two most celebrated of holidays. There’s a lot of stuff in that little dash that’s really important, actually if you don’t go by all of the things that were said and done during that little (-) then the other two dates really don’t matter that much.

It’s the same for all of us. We all have a beginning and ending date. Go to the graveyards and cemeteries and look at the engravings on all the stones. Then, think about the little dash. That’s an entire lifetime of living. That’s the time that counts. That’s the days, weeks, months and years of our lives. The important stuff. Live it every day. Love it every day. Don’t forget to interact with kindness with those around you who are in their (-) living too.

One day when we have finished that second date…it’s not the number of years in between which will count, it’s the content of what happened during that (-) A lot can be done for other people if we want to do it. Very little can be done, if we are living selfishly for our own selves. Some people live a hundred years and never even approach what Jesus did in a mere 33. Consider it as you go about your daily lives. I’m trying to.

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