Putting God in a Box.

Because we are human, we look at things in a human manner.  We process everything  through one of our five senses.  We see the eagle fly through human eyes, hear the waves break on the seashore through human ears.  We feel the softness of a baby’s skin through human touch, and smell our morning coffee through our human noses…no matter what size they may be.  We taste the sweetness of honey, so carefully made by the bees, with the taste buds on our tongue.

Many things can fool our senses.  Plunge your hand into an extremely cold bucket of ice water, and you may at first think your hand is on fire.  Close your eyes and let someone give you something to taste.  You may have an extremely hard time telling what it is you’re tasting.

Although we are an extremely successful species, there are others whose senses of perception of the things going on here on earth are much better.  A silver Grizzly Bear can smell you from 18 Miles away. He can smell you from up to 48 hours after you are gone, and can tell if you were afraid or not. Fear apparently smells different.

There are animals who can see four spectrums of light instead of just the three we see. They can also see the ultraviolet light spectrum. It’s like having one of those UV flashlights built into your eyes. You could ascertain movement much more quickly, and could see the trail of chemicals most creatures naturally leave behind. You could track down practically anything.

Then, there are the Monarch butterflies who have generational inherited memory. Since their life span is only a few months, the information about the tiny spot they must migrate to in Mexico, while its winter time in North America, is somehow genetically passed on from generation to generation. Imagine being able to go somewhere your parents traveled during their lifetime, using their memories instead of your own.

There is much, much more to learn and much more to perceive in this world then we will ever have time to learn or perceive.

I’ve gotten to this point in order to make a much more important point, perhaps a much more controversial point.  The point is, that we are human and we look at things through our human perception. Everything we are, and everything we know, or think we know, is based  upon eons  of human perception which has been stacked up in our human brains, and evaluated through our human brain’s method of evaluating things.

When something is beyond our human ability to evaluate it and understand it, we come up with alternative explanations for those things we don’t understand. We put God into a box.

Yes, that’s correct. We put God into our human box.

We box God, or our creator, THE creator or initiator of all things, the creator of the entire Universe into our human box.

We here on this third planet from the star Sol, in the Milky Way galaxy, which is in the “local galaxy” group of galaxies, which are located in the Virgo super cluster of galaxies.  There are a lot of super-clusters in our part of the Universe, which is confined to furthest thing we can see in the Universe, which is about 13.7 billion light years away. It’s absolutely mind blowing to even try and imagine the number of stars in the Universe which might possibly harbor life. It’s beyond imagination to try and comprehend the size of the Universe.  Yet we put our creator into our human “box”

Oh, I am not assigning blame!  Far from it.  I am only seeking understanding and one of the many ways I seek to understand is by writing down my thoughts.  I used to do it on a blue ruled sheet of white paper, with a number 2 pencil.  Now, I peck on this keyboard and I think about things.  Sometimes, as in writing this piece, I go for weeks at a time thinking, then coming back and revisiting.  So, I am not assigning any blame, and I am not judging the way that anybody thinks or believes.  It’s only my opinion that we put God in a box.

More than likely, I am wrong about this thing.  I am not sure that any way of thinking, any human way of thinking, will ever be totally “correct”  I am not sure that we human beings can even really know the meaning of “correct” way out here in the back of the pasture, in our little corner of the Universe.  That being said, I think we have come up with some creative ways to think about things.

We think about how special each and every one of us is, and how different and unique we all seem.  We consider that God, or our creator, thinks about each and every one of us, and listens to each word of our prayers.  We have come to the conclusion that God is in control of everything in our world.  All of this may be true.

A God who is not in a box could do just about anything.  Without our human restrictions, there is no telling what God could and has done in this wonderful Universe in which we live, in this wonderful world in which we dwell.  There is a possibility that for each and every single on of us, there is a separate and equal universe in which we live.  There is a possibility that for each of us, there will be a separate and equal afterlife into which we will go when we leave here.  There could be quadrillions of parallel Universes, that could be functioning at the same time, just on different planes of existence.  Wait….

I lost my train of thought.

There could also simply be a creator who formed this world and made us in his own image and who sent his only begotten son to offer salvation to us, if we will only believe in him.  Is that boxing God in?

I guess I will think about this some more and one of these days, I will get back with you.

Or not.

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