Hate at Trade Day

I’ve been going to Trade day for many, many years and have never personally witnessed the type of racially hateful talk which erupted there today between members of two different races.

The fact that it could get to the point where I was afraid that guns could be drawn over such ugliness as I personally witnessed, speaks volumes about the current atmosphere of our country, much of which I firmly believe has been instigated by the rhetoric of one man, and which was confirmed by what I overheard one of the parties involved telling another person later on.

This is America, and you can say what you want…ok. But if you loudly proclaim your hatred for ALL to hear, it cannot be construed as a “private” conversation, and you may reap the consequences of what you sew, for some people cannot close their ears and just walk on by ….because they consider it a challenge to their sensibilities.

I felt depressed and out of sorts the rest of the day, because usually the flea market is a place I enjoy. I will have to say that I will give the parties involved a wide berth, and a heavy dose of disdain from here forward.

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