The Difference between the Hen and the Rooster

I still watch Survivor, and tonight was a wacky episode. Young all “twenty something” group called the “beauty” group won the prize challenge which was a food reward of three laying hens and a big rooster. They take them back to camp in a custom coop designed for the lain eggs to roll out a chute in front. Discussion starts: “How do we get eggs?” Says one girl…”the rooster has to do something right?” Another girl…”I’m not sure, does the rooster have to make them have the eggs” Supposed country boy: “No, it’s like you have eggs too, you know.” “Oh, yeah..” say three of the girls and then sit there looking confused. “Can’t believe they didn’t know about eggs.” Says quasi country boy “Everyone knows eggs came first, cause dinosaurs had eggs and they were here a long time before chickens.” He then gets up, grabs one of the LAYING HENS and kills it by pulling it’s head off, even though they have machetes, cause they have been using them to cut coconuts. Rooster still sitting in the cage. Sweat beaded up on his brow cause he knows he dodged a bullet. Maybe they are keeping him to wake up by. Cooked the hen up on sticks stuck in the fire. Beware America, all of those kids are coming back here after the show is over. That is, IF they survive. Sheesh….I’m a little fearful.

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