Walking Life

I was thinking while I was out walking today about how I have come through sixty five years to where I am today.

I have had times where I have been mean to people, but I try not to be that way anymore.

I have had times when I said hateful things to people, but I try not to say those things anymore.

I have not loved people in general enough. I have not given enough to those who needed it. I have not consoled those who needed consoling as much as I should have.

I have wasted precious time doing inane things which meant nothing when I could have been doing things to benefit others.

But, in doing…or not doing all or any of these things, I suppose I am walking or was walking literally at the time, in the footsteps of every thinking human being who has ever drawn a breath.

I wonder then, when God made us, and I do think that we were in some sense made, I wonder why we were not made perfectly? Why am I so imperfect? Why is humanity so imperfect?

I walked for five miles and never came up with a really good answer to that question. I don’t think any of us have the answers. I think we all still have many more questions instead.

Certainly there are religious and metaphysical answers, but to seek the answer in human terms only, is very, very hard.

I will think on it again tomorrow if I get to walk around again.

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