As I was fishing the river earlier this week, It woke some old memories. Solitude, serenity, serendipity. I used to stumble upon things as a child that may seem very strange to others, but which in my lone way were calming and beneficial.

I would skim rocks across this same Chattooga river for hours. I think once I got up to eight bounces…imagine that sense of accomplishment! I kept a secret place behind the house on Eighth street where I piled unusual and different rocks. Unless someone found them, which isn’t likely, they are still there piled in a pyramid like group.

We all have our secret eccentricities. And our secrets. I was thinking of one of my deep, dark secrets at my granddaughters band concert the other night. How I had always wanted to be in the band…but could never learn to read music. I remember trying out for band. I was give a clarinet. For a few weeks I simply memorized the tunes and played along. But the squiggles on the pages never made sense, and I was too ashamed to ask for help. I could have gone on and just memorized the songs, but…I just felt out of place. I didn’t belong.

I have gone on and learned to play and sing, to write and even lead choirs…all the time not knowing how to read a note of music. I’ve memorized thousands of songs, hundreds of musicals, millions of notes. I can harmonize with anyone on any song. But if someone showed me “Mary had a little lamb” written out in notes with nothing to identify it..I wouldn’t know what it was.

I wish I had said something back in the eighth grade…maybe I would have enjoyed being in the band..who knows. My knees were bad, so no football either. I simply ended up as a cheerer.

Math was pretty much the same also. I faked And guessed my way through algebra. I liked Geometry though, thanks to a very understanding teacher, Mr. Alexander, who gave me a B based more on my great writing and the ability to produce a fifty page term paper on angles. I can remember to this day his surprise that anyone could turn out that many pages on something so innane.

I’m just weird that way I guess…my talents lend themselves more towards slideshow entertaining than reality sometimes as I realized tonight after my bath as I shaved left handed, and brushed my teeth right handed with nary a nick nor a tooth missed. Guess things could be worse. I write with both hands too.

Ah well, enough of this rambling. I have important sleep to get too.

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