Worshiping your Guns

The thing which is most disturbing about Social media is that it could be used for such tremendous good, yet is primarily being used for such pervasive and intrusive evil. It’s being used for bad.

I started a couple of times today to comment in a post about some of the things I see happening in this country. Things which are not right, but which need to be discussed. But I know what would happen. People would line up on the sides they have been told they…we…are on, and would argue, call names, throw nasty pre-made talking point memes at each other, and nobody would change their minds about anything.

It almost seems like the indoctrination of America into two diametrically opposed partisan camps is almost complete.

Kudos and thanks to those of you my friends who post those wonderful recipes, the encouraging memes with the cartoon characters, the dog and kitty photos, the nature photos, and the baby pictures. Always those. You encourage and enlighten me with those. You are the best of the best.

All of this stuff, these current spat of problems, continues to detract us from the major issues which absolutely do have the potential to impact mankind to the extent of extinction. Nuclear war and climate disruption.

With those two monsters staring us straight in the face it really doesn’t matter if a bunch of nuts somewhere are worshiping their AR-15’s or their AK-47’s.

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