Hands in my Pocket

I was walking along today with my hands in my pocket like I sometimes do, and noticed some things in there that I couldn’t tell what they were by the feel.  So, I came up to my desk and unloaded my pockets.  I had the following things in there:

A cutting glove and a carpet knife.  An ink pen, my keys, my Swiss Army knife, a small bottle of nitroglycerin, a pill  bottle with some aspirin in it, four receipts for different things, a set of nail clippers, a money clip (no money, just a clip) a Quartz crystal, $2.75 in change and one sheet metal screw.

And they say women have a lot of things in their purses!  It’s no wonder I am 10 pounds lighter when I am not wearing any clothes.  (ok…quit that…)

I remember the strangest thing I ever had in my pocket was when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I went fishing with my Dad.  I was down the bank of the river a little bit from where he was and I caught a little bream about 3 inches long.  I hollered at Daddy, and he told me to throw it back in that it was too little to keep and put on the stringer.  Well, since it was the only fish I had caught that day I was a little jealous so I put it in the pocket of my Jeans instead.  I forgot about it.

A day or so later the laundry started to stink.  My Mom was obsessed with keeping our clothes washed thank goodness or it could have been worse.  When she put her hand down in my blue jeans, I heard her yell, even though I was out in the front yard.  Thank goodness my Dad had a sense of humor about it.  He only pretended to get onto me, winking at me and grinning the whole time!

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